Learner Programmes

SMILE Conversational English Programme

The essence of SMILE is to build bridges between two distinct communities of learners in Mpumalanga: Uplands College pupils and Maqamela Primary School learners. Through the love of English and conversation, the programme builds confidence in conversational English in rural Grade 4 learners, while developing leadership skills in Grade 9, 10, 11, and 12 pupils from Uplands College.

Through the SMILE programme, young people from both communities learn about service, and are able to join hands to build a stronger South Africa. Creating a community mindset where learning can be facilitated – on a peer-to-peer basis while having fun – is a core SMILE objective.



Learners for Excellence (L4E) Maths Programme


Fifty Grade 10 learners started the L4E programme at Uplands in February 2012, thanks to sponsorship from Rand Merchant Bank/Tshikululu and The Chuma Foundation.  These learners were drawn equally from Insikazi’s ten secondary schools, through consultation with the Circuit manager and partner schools. Each secondary school selected five learners to participate in this Saturday Maths programme for three years, making this an inclusive circuit programme.

Forty-Eight learners successfully completed the programme in 2014, and Uplands Outreach continues to monitor and support the post-school progression of all these bright young individuals.